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Proteux is focusing on promoting Chinese language and culture to the world. We have developed a platform for online shopping and Chinese language tutoring . Through diverse videos, games, and individual study plan, we spread Chinese culture globally. Proteux has also dedicated itself to charities, providing orphans with free Chinese language courses, helping them to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

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Who should learn Chinese?

   Staff of international organizations in China
1、Adapting to life in China easier
2、Achieving better work result
3、Learning more about Chinese etiquette

   Foreign employees/enterprises in China
1、Better communication with colleagues and friends
2、Get promotion and higher salary

   Investors in China
1、Better understanding of Chinese market
2、Expanding business
3、Better business netwrokings

   International students in China
1、Passing the Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK),Qualified to study in China
2、Adapting to life in China
3、Enhancing competences and better job opportunities

   Accompanying family members of staff in China
1、Enjoying life in China

   Short-term visitors to China
1、Better understanding of Chinese culture
2、Experience a good trip

Teachers Team

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#02 _ A tatami-matted hallway
#03 _ A guestroom

Leader of Chinese Smart Learning with Technologies

Fun and Concise make learning Chinese easier

Proteux Information Technology, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Proteux Technology Co., Ltd., established in December 2020. We are committed to promote Chinese studying and customized Chinese courses for people from all over the world. We seek differentiation and fun in Chinese teaching and learning, introducing China's map to stimulate students' interest of learning, and customizing different situations for business field.


Committed to creating an accurate and interesting Chinese learning software.
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Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays

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